Going Postal:
More than 'Yes' or 'No'

Anthology of Experimental Nonfiction

This edited collection guides the reader through the highs and lows of the Australian marriage equality postal vote of 2017. Combining serious scholarship, humour, manifestos, and simple tales of childhood, readers are flung into the emotional melting pot that constitutes a definitive turning point in Australian queer histories.

These feelings are sticky and sometimes traumatic, but there is also catharsis in this compilation. This is also a counter-archive, one that consciously amplifies some of the voices that were drowned out by dominant campaigns, including those that questioned the value of marriage as a patriarchal institution or resisted the ‘we are just like you’ discourses that obscured complex families and queer ways of loving.

This book features dual illustrated front covers which represent the dichotomy of the conversation around the marriage equality vote.

Published 2018 by Brow Books
Book cover design | Illustration by Elwyn Murray

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