by Maria Tumarkin

Windham Campbell Prize 2020 award winner Axiomatic by Maria Tumarkin revolves around the ever influencing affect that the past, history and memory have on our lives.

The artwork Sternenfall / Shevirath ha Kelim (2007) by Anselm Kiefer (discussed in the third chapter) influenced the design process. Kiefer’s artwork and Tumarkin’s book share themes around the fusing of monumentality and fragility represented by both pieces.

The cover imagery is a distorted photograph of rock strata, with its inherent connotations to the passing of time. The distorted imagery also plays with the illusion of scale offering a feeling of distance that could be potentially tiny (looking closely at a rock) or enormous (looking from a distance at fire, water or some other elemental force). The cover is printed in silver metallic PMS onto black 300gsm textured stock, with a white non-metallic foil title and author name.

Published 2019 by Brow Books
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