Dizzy Limits

Anthology of Experimental Nonfiction

When conventional approaches to writing about real people, real events and real experiences fall short of capturing the truth, it’s time to get experimental. Using unorthodox style, voice, point-of-view and form, experimental nonfiction upends the rote to find new ways of conveying meaning.

The content of Dizzy Limits is ambitious and boundary pushing, and the design of the book needed to reflect that. The cover imagery was created through a long process of digital experimentation and features three PMS colours replacing traditional CMYK to achieve a high level of vibrancy.

Many of the pieces inside the book were previously published, including annual winners of The Lifted Brow magazines Prize for Experimental Nonfiction. Many of these pieces needed to be reformatted from magazine size to book size, which required care due to the experimental nature of the original layouts.

Published 2020 by Brow Books
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Selected Works

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