Decadent Editions

by Fireflies Press

The Decadent Editions is a series of 10 books about 10 films, one for every year of the 2000s.

Each a deep dive into a single film, the ten book-length essays shift attention away from entrenched classics and the churn of mainstream releases, spotlighting milestones of contemporary cinema. These idiosyncratic studies, by some of today’s most compelling cultural critics, are ambitious and insightful, yet playful and inviting.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to typeset several titles in this series of chapbooks. More information about the amazing Fireflies Press can be found here.

Published from 2021 - 2024 by Fireflies Press

Selected Works

Apple & KnifeBook design

Dizzy LimitsBook design

AxiomaticBook design

The Lifted BrowBook design

This Young MonsterBook design

BrightBook design

The TownBook design

Going PostalBook design

ComeBook design