The Town

by Shaun Prescott

Longlisted for Best Designed Literary Fiction Cover at the 2018 Australian Book Designers Association Awards

Shaun Prescott’s debut novel The Town follows an unnamed narrator’s efforts to complete a book about disappeared towns in the Central West of New South Wales. Set in a yet-to-disappear town in the region — a town believed by its inhabitants to have no history at all — the novel traces its characters’ attempts to carve their own identities in a place that is both unyielding and teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Developed in tandem with the new style direction for the recently established Brow Books, the design of this book was largely inspired by fiction books of the past, particularly the publisher Sun Books. The cover image evokes several moods including — among others — a developing void witnessed from the inside, an undefined object seen through partly closed eyes, and a beam of illumination through the dark.

Published 2018 by Brow Books
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